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A report of the world is greatest neurosurgeon is travel to Kerman





The head of International Neuroscience Research Centre of Hannover along with Science and Technology Vice president noticed establishment of Neuroscience Research and Medical Centre in Kerman, in their one day travel to Kerman.


Reported by Public Relation section of governor general’s office, science and technology vice, in a session with university professors stated: “we believe that in the current government (government of prudence and hope) oil and gas are not considered as main resources of the country but it is human resources specially youth that are main capital of Iran”.

Sorena Sattari, stressed on diplomatic value of professor Samiei and said: “construction process of the world greatest neurology center is carrying out in Tehran and it’s a good news that we are planning to establish another identical center in Kerman”. He also reminded: “the greatest neurology congress of the world will be hold on 18. April 2016 in Tehran with presence of 500 scientists from around the world”.

Establishment of Neurology Sciences Center in Kerman

Professor Majid Samiei, Secretary of International Neurosurgeons Association stated: “a branch of Neurology Sciences Center will be established in Kerman”. He more said: “Neurology Science Center of Tehran was designed based on the greatest neurologists’ ideas as well as my 5 decades experiences. By establishing this center, annual number of scientific works in this center will be unique and incomparable to any other university in the world”.

Professor Samiei remarked: “it’s a proud that governor general of Kerman makes his best effort and have a good cooperation for establishing this center in Kerman”.

He also stressed: “we intend to manage Kerman center by International Neurosurgeons Association, the same as Tehran center such that changes in managers of Medical Sciences university of Kerman, won’t affect system of this center”.

Samiei stated that Neurology Sciences Center of Tehran and its branch in Kerman don’t belong to any private or governmental sectors. Its design is like an association and its managers are not beneficiaries of the association. He said: “we hope that even people in the farthest points of the province can receive the same services as people in the heart of Europe do”.

Neurology Sciences of Kerman basis is charity

Governor General of Kerman governor general of Kerman also reminded establishment of Neuroscience Research and Medical Centre stated: “the center is established based on charity”. He continued: “there are many charity donors in Kerman that can help us in establishing the neuroscience center”.

Granting honorary Phd and honorary citizenship to professor Samiei

During the one day travel of head of Neuroscience Medical and Research Center of Hannover (professor Samiei) in Kerman, he received an honorary Phd in neurophysiology from Medical Sciences University of Kerman as well as honorary citizenship from governor general of Kerman.

Signing the agreement of establishing Professor Samiei Science and Research Association

The agreement of establishing Professor Samiei Science and Research Association was signed in Kerman in a session with presence of professor Samiei, Sorena Sattari (science and technology vice president), governor general and president of Medical Sciences University.  

Based on the agreement, comprehensive scientific, educational and research cooperation will be established between International Neuroscience Research Centre of Hannover and Medical Sciences University of Kerman and science and technology vice president.

Moreover, the agreement of constructing the first animal farm in Kerman was signed between governor general office of Kerman and Science and Technoligy vice president with the price of six Billiards Tomans. 

The father of neurosurgery’s visit of Neuroscinec Center of Kerman

Professor Samiei, the Head of International Neuroscience Research Centre of Hannover and the world greatest neurosurgeon, visited Neuroscience Center of Kerman. The center contains 9 laboratory in which professors, physicians and residents are doing various researches.




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