Haj Qasem Solaymani:

Despite difficulties and problems we can stand on our two feet/ we need to provide our people with industry

Haj Qasem Solaymani: Achievements made in the country, especially in Kerman Province, demonstrate that despite all pressures we can stand on our two feet.

Haj Qasem Solaymani: Achievements made in the country, especially in Kerman Province, demonstrate that despite all pressures we can stand on our two feet.
Speaking in the Kerman Province Resistive Economy Headquarter meeting, Major General Qasem Solaymani said, “In fact I appreciate my brother, Mr. Razm Husseini for several reasons: one is the management echelon realized in the province, which was somehow different from what has traditionally dominant in the province; because there are two types of management: government-based and people-based. As in the former, all expecting the government to do everything, so if the government has money, everything is done and our successful managers within past years were government-based, so when the government had money they could work and when the government was out of money, they stopped working”, Kerman Province State Government Public Relations Department reported.
“The management you see in Kerman is a people-based management in which a manager considers himself in the place of the government. This kind of management is based on mission and joy of serving people, because if you don’t love something, you cannot change anything”, he added.
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war said: “During the imposed war, a reason why we were able to defeat the enemy in various battles was that commanders were in the first lines of the war and they bore al difficulties and they had the least expectations and most harms and deaths; whereas in most armies of the world, commanders just order their soldier to do what they need to do.”
He stressed that if the management is correct, then cultural and functional development will be possible even in a small place and Mr. Razm Husseini has been successful in this regard; as the result of Mr. Razm Husseini and his colleagues, Kerman Province has become a role model to be followed by other provinces.
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war said: "Naturally, no commander won't be succeed without sacrificing soldiers and without doubt achievement of Mr. Razm Husseini depends on efforts, activities and struggles of all provincial authorities."
Major General Solaymani said: "they are meaning of the Leader's saying: we can. The statistics and data demonstrate that despite all pressures and difficulties we can stand on our two feet."
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war continued: "Political discussions are a necessary debate, but what is fundamental is expectation in the resistive economy aspect in which you can see a sort of gap and an important backwardness. You can see that there is direct relationship between USD rate and violent event or security calamities."
Emphasizing the fact that governments need to concentrate on development in the country's structure in terms of official aspect, he said that it does not mean that this country should be governed in terms of federal or semi-federal rules, the provinces can have more authorities in their decision making processes and procedures.
He reiterated that it is necessary that both the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the government began to find new ways to decentralize authorities and qualifications from a single point and to distribute them across the whole country and it is a vital consideration regarding the country's status quo.
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war referred to Kerman Province as the fundamental hub for both qualitative and quantitative agricultural, industrial and mineral products and said: "Relying on such capacities, Kerman Province can take giant strides in employment and other areas."
Major General Solaymani opined that for development and employment issues, there are three pivots which must be considered including optimization, development and creation. As optimization pave the way for further efficiency; development is another issue which must be considered and along with two abovementioned pivots we have creation.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war said that something serious and basic must be done to solve the employment problem in order to reach a sustainable framework and to get rid of people from this entangled situation.
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war said: "The fertilized economy naturally is in contact with the security; as some years ago we had the highest degree of insecurity in southern Kerman, we asked them to surrender and we saw that inside the Jaz Murian Plain with the best type of the soil the poorest people live and because of poverty they had to do what others would ask them."
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war emphasized that much insecurity is rooted in economic problems and poverty and it is very important and must be considered.
Pointing to the fact that we need a holistic perspective in economic area, Major General Solaymani said: "Along with production, alterant industries, exports, shopping centers and other considerations must be considered to boost and strengthen the economy."
Pointing to wheat production self-sufficiency within the current year, he said: "a precise job has been done in management of wheat production which it was resulted in exporting more than two million crops."
Major General Solaymani referred to Islamic Republic system as a unique system and pointed to the Leader of the Revolution as a wise, aware and expert man and said: "the resistive economy which was introduced by the Leader is an extraordinary great and effective solution."
Commander of 41st Tharallah Division during Iran-Iraq war said that during the Sacred Defense years the Late Imam Khomeini (RA) trusted us as the rural youth and the youth responded his trust correctly. The trust Imam Khomeini showed should not be stopped and must be developed and improved in various aspects and areas.
Acknowledging the valuable services rendered by Alireza Razm Husseini, Governor General of Kerman Province, Major General Solaymani said that he is the pride of war veterans and added: "Mr. Razm Husseini was succeeded to reduce the political tensions of the province through a new management. However, our system is political and there are elections and political competitions and people always participate in their fateful decision making processes."
Finally he stressed that in the political arena we need to prevent a condition in which competitions will become hatred and animosity and such competitions under friendly frameworks and atmosphere will be constructive for the country.


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