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Kerman province, so called the land of four seasons, with an area of more than One hundred and eighty-three thousand two hundred and eighty-five square kilometers with approximately eleven percent of the total area in the country, is the biggest city in the country. The province now has 23 cities, 58 districts, 71 towns, 151 villages, Eleven thousand six hundred and ninety-seven residential villages, is one of the centers of civilization in Iran and in terms of history and tourism, archeological sites and crafts and characteristics of the agricultural, industrial and minerals, it has a special place in the country. Potential industrial, mining, agriculture in the province has provided a good platform for economic development. Kerman province with Eight hundred and thirty-two thousand hectares of agricultural and horticultural and 4 million tons agricultural production in the country, is an important agricultural hub. The capabilities of this province can be pointed to these categories: First place in horticulture in the country with having more than 25% gardens First place in pistachio production, with average production of hundred and sixty-five thousand tons per year Second place in Walnut production with about forty-three thousand tons per year . Second place in date and citrus production with three hundred and forty-five thousand and Fifty-eight thousand tons Third place in cucurbits and greenhouse production of two million five hundred thousand tons per year, and rose production to eight and a half tons per year Kerman province as the country's largest producer of minerals, accounted for producing more than a third of minerals in the country. The existence of two large mines, Sarcheshme copper and Sirjan iron ore and more than 8.4 billion tons of mineral deposits which the most important ones are: Copper with a certain reserve of 1.7 billion tons 1.6 billion tons of iron ore 240 million tons of coal 10 million tons of chromite 147 million tons of titanium The level of steel export is about 16 billion dollars Identify more than 40 types of other minerals indicate that this province has a lot of potential capacities. The most important industries in the province are: Barez tire factory Zarand coke factory Hezar Aluminum factory Three cement producing factories Shahid Bahonar Copper factory and several downstream copper industries include concentrate, anode and cathode Concentrated coal plant Pegah Milk Factory Zam zam factory And Bam automobile industries After the expansion of trade in economic development triangle design, Bam automobile industries produced about eighty thousand cars in 2014 and created seven thousand direct jobs then became the third largest car manufacturing in the country. Some of Bam automobile industries subsidiaries are: Kerman motor Khodrosazan Rain Modiran Khodro Ghatri Mohareke And …Arg Disel About transportation and tourism activities in the province, we can mention to the country's largest and most successful private airline, Mahan Air, and five active airports which 4 of them are international airports. Two nationwide railway lines pass through the province. Many roads in the province are highways. More than 600 registered monuments are in Kerman including: Shahzade Garden, Fath Abad Garden, Arg Bam, Arg Rhine, Kerman Bazar, Meymand historic village, historic area of Halilrood and etc There are more than 110 universities and higher education centers, more than 700 mosques and more than 400 artistic and cultural centers. There are more than 122 libraries in mosques The above mentioned were some of the cultural and artistic capacity in Kerman. With the implementation of the government's economic development triangle design, we have seen some investment agreements worth to 75 billion riyals at the end of 2014 . Through this initiative development design in the province, an increase of 112 percent customs revenue, has been seen last year. In the year 2014, Three hundred and eighty-five thousand eight hundred and thirty-three tons of goods worth One billion and one hundred and sixty-six million six hundred and eighty-five thousand three hundred and thirty-seven USD, was exported through Kerman customs, which the largest ones have been pistachio, ceramic tile, cement, dates and copper artifacts. In the same year One hundred and twelve thousand five hundred and sixty-five tons of goods worth to Seven hundred and nineteen million and eighteen thousand three hundred and twelve USD were imported, and compare to the previous year, It shows an increasing of 66 percent in terms of weight and 57 percent in terms of value. The most important problem facing the development of the province Water shortage and long-term droughts are the most important challenges that lead to villagers’ immigration to the cities, and marginalization. Electrical energy shortage ,which now consumption has been nearly 2000 MB while generation is 1500 MB and according to the industrial development plan, Kerman will need 5000 MB of electricity in the near future. According to population distribution and magnitude of Kerman province, preparing the transportation infrastructure is difficult, so that, 29 thousand kilometers of roads are needed in the province but there are only eleven thousand and six hundred kilometers are available. One thousand five hundred and sixty-four governmental ongoing projects in this province are the biggest challenges for insight and hope government. Credit equivalent to ten thousand million dollars is needed, without considering the inflation, while the annual maximum amount of 500 million dollars in funding and still about 15 years is needed to finish the project

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