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Outcomes of the Health Ministers Tour of Kerman

Outcomes of the Health Ministers Tour of Kerman

Iran's Health and Medical Education Minister's three-day tour of Kerman Province was accompanied with several outcomes including visiting and inaugurating the health and medical projects in various parts of the province and starting construction of 700-bed hospital in Kerman City, as the biggest southeastern hospital of Iran.
Dr. Seyyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Iran's Health Minister, visited Kerman Province on August 17 in order to consider plans and projects of Kerman University of Medical Sciences across Kerman, Bam and Jiroft, Kerman Province State Government Public Relations reported.
In his trip to Bam City, Dr. Hashemi paid a visit to 3000 sq-m of the additional space of Pastor Hospital of the city, as a part of the Health System Development Project, and several clinics, the comprehensive center for oral health, comprehensive center of mental health and complexes of Bam University of Medical Sciences, special for Health System Development Project and finally he went to Arg-e Bam and visited this great historical building.
In Kerman City, he also visited the progress of on-going health and medical projects, AMS building, student pavilion, gynecological blocks and psychiatry department, organ transplant and hematology wards of Afzalipour Hospital in Kerman. Dr. Hashemi also unveiled eight ambulance donated by the Health and Medical Education Ministry to Kerman University of Medical Sciences.
The Health Minister went to the Kerman University of Medical Sciences Complex and inaugurated its Education Management and Development Building and started the executive operation of the university's central library along with eight research centers. Later in his visiting, Dr. Hashemi participated in the Kerman health and food safety workgroup meeting.
Dr. Seyyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi along with the Kerman Governor General visited representatives and chancellors of the Kerman Province medical university on Wednesday night.
In the second day of his tour of Kerman, Dr. Hashemi signed a MOU for constructing 700-bed hospital instead of Kerman's Shafa Hospital with the Kerman Governor General and he also paid a visit to progress of construction of Kerman's Bahonar Hospital and Khatamol Anbia Projects Workshop.
 Dr. Hashemi also travelled to Sirjan and Bardsir and visited their medical centers.
In the sidelines of his trip to Sirjan, he praised Hussein Moghadam, Sirjani Student, the winner of rank 4th of the general exam of Iranian universities in Mathematics and Physics and visited Mitra Shahba, a 20-year old Sirjani girl who suffers from a rare skin disease and promised to help her medication. At the end of his trip to Sirjan, he visited Sirjan's Imam Ridha (AS) hospital.
On Thursday evening (August, 19), Dr. Seyyed Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi went to Baft City and participated in inaugural ceremony of IRAPEN Project in Rural Health Center of Dashtab. "The 11th administration has spent 50 percent more than precedent administrations to prevent diseases."
Kerman's Baft is one of four counties where IRAPEN Project is being conducted there in order to survey and identify people at risk of cardiovascular diseases, cancers, asthma and diabetes.
The Minister of Health and Medical Education also visited 25-bed Imam Hussein (AS) hospital and Health Comprehensive Healthcare Center of Dashtab in Arzouiyeh County in Kerman Province.
As his tour's last plan, Dr. Hashemi opened the Higher Education Center for Health in Baft County and paid a visit to the under construction hospital of Imam Khomeini in Rabar County.
Dr. Hashemi along with Kerman Governor General went to the Ghanat Malek Village of Rabar County and visited the Commander Ghasem Soleymani's father and praised him through presenting him an appreciation plaque.
The Health Minister's tour of Southern Kerman Province was started on Wednesday night through visiting Sardouiyeh Healthcare center belonged to Jiroft University of Medical Sciences.
On Friday, in the third day of his trip to Kerman Province, Dr. Hashemi opened ICU, AMS center and Aliabad's rural health services center in Jiroft County. In his tour of Jiroft County, Dr. Hashemi also visited Jiroft Imam Khomeini Hospital Hoteling, orthopedic Ward, pediatrics ward, NICU ward, CCU, AMS building, MRI ward, Jiroft University of Medical Sciences Complex, specialized clinic and Ayatollah Kashani Maternity Hospital. He also started the executive operation of gynecological block of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Jiroft.
The executive operation of Jangalabad Village's healthcare center was started with the Health Minister's presence in this village.
Later in his trip to southern Kerman Province, Dr. Hashemi checked the progress of construction of Anbarabad's 96-bed Hospital and visited 12 Farvardin Hospital and Kahnooj County health providers training courses center. He also visited the sole hospital of Roudbar-e Jonob County.
On Friday evening, in the last part of his tour of Kerman Province, Dr. Hashemi went to Ghaleh Ganj County, as the Resistive Economy Exemplary City, and opened its 32-bed hospital in the presence of Kerman Governor General and a group of provincial authorities.


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