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The Interior Minister  s Tour as Great as the Resistive Economy

The Interior Minister s Tour as Great as the Resistive Economy

The Interior Minister s Tour as Great as the Resistive Economy

The Interior Minister’s Tour as Great as the Resistive Economy
In his second tour of Kerman Province with the aim of pursuing the Resistive Economy projects and considering that how much the Leader's order has been realized, the Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, was welcomed by Kerman Governor General and a group of provincial officials at Jiroft Airport on September 14, 2016.
As one of pilot provinces designated for the Resistive Economy, which was introduced as a precursor province in the first tour of the Interior Minister, Kerman Province hosted the interior minister, who has traveled to this province to realize the Resistive Economy for two days.
Initially in his speech for the press crew of the Kerman Province, as the aids of the Resistive Economy realization, he said, "As a part of our provincial tours to follow up Resistive Economy projects, we are in southern Kerman now and we are going to visit Jiroft, Ghaleh Ganj and Rudbar Jonob."
The Resistive Economy Exemplary City under Interior Minister's Close Scrutiny
As a part of his tour of Kerman Province, the Interior Minister went to the Resistive Economy exemplary city to visit the creative and innovative projects implemented in this country. He also participated in the command meeting of Resistive Economy in this city.
On the sidelines of visiting the breeding goat complex in the Ghaleh Ganj County, Interior Minister said, "the Resistive Economy exemplary city is a new model and, if God wishes, we can generate and extend this project to other parts of the Kerman Province the whole country, if this project succeeds here."
"In this project, people are the basis and people, in turn, need to struggle to reach development and welfare," he added. "With regard to the deprivation in this region, people have collected more than 5000 million rials through developing small funds and taking loans from the Mostazafan Foundation."
He also visited the carpet weaving workshop in the Ghaleh Ganj County.
Interior Minister Among the Friendly People of Ghaleh Ganj
Later in his trip to Ghaleh Ganj, Rahmani Fazli went to the Jameh Mosque of this city and spoke for people. In his speech, he said that the Resistive Economy is something that has been pointed and emphasized by the Leader and we are all obliged to implement it.
He also participated in the New Academic Year celebration, held in the Jameh Mosque of Ghaleh Ganj, in which more than 6800 intelligent students of the county were awarded with gifts.
People, Justice and Knowledge, Three Main Factors of success in the Resistive Economy
Later in his tour of Ghaleh Ganj, Dr. Rahmani Fazli took apart in the explanatory meeting of the resistive economy exemplary city convened by the Kerman Governor General and provincial officials. In this meeting he went on saying that as the result of the Kerman Governor General efforts today we are watching a good sympathy in the province under which everybody feels sense of responsibility and we are witnessing the lowest level of political tensions in Kerman.
Pointing to the fact that the government is loyal and committed to the Resistive Economy project, he said, "in this way people are the first pivot who are followed by justice and knowledge-based nature of the Resistive Economy."
Emphasizing the fact that today relying on the domestic capacities and capabilities is vitally important, Dr. Rahmani Fazli said to the Kermani officials, "You face a great test and you are expected to pursue very carefully the provincial project. Accordingly, the efficiency and proficiency are very important for us."
Amusements of the Second Tour of the Interior Minister to Southern Kerman
One of amusements of the second tour of the Interior Minister to the southern Kerman was that a set of local costume was presented from people of Ghaleh Ganj to the Interior Minister. He also unveiled the inscription of the Resistive Economy of the Ghaleh Ganj County.
Interior Minister in the Huts of Rudbar Jonob  
Presenting in one of huts of Rudbar Jonob County, the Interior Minister said to the press that paying attention to the fact that the villages, especially the villages in these regions have experienced some historical deprivation, the government is going to solve their problems.
Ghaleh Ganj Model will be Eternal in the World's Development Literature
In his two-day trip to the southern Kerman Province, the Interior Minister participated in the joint meeting of administrative council and command headquarter of the resistive economy of seven counties in the southern Kerman and said, "In Iran's economic history, Ghaleh Ganj will remain as a practical model for the development of Iran and the world's development literature."
In this meeting, Razm-Husseini, Kerman Governor General, said, "The political unity will pave the way for the province development and nobody is entitled to damage people's interests.
Pointing to the soon trip of the first vice president to the province, Razm-Husseini said, "In this trip the gas piping of Jiroft County will begin."
"Believing in the Vilayat Faqih is the strength point of the region and Kerman Province, as even Zorostrians believe in Vilayat Faqih", he added.


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