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Note of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Chief Valiollah Seif

Note of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Chief Valiollah Seif

Note of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Chief Valiollah Seif

Note of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Chief Valiollah Seif
On the sidelines of his tour of Kerman Province
Kerman and Our banking System
Travel to Kerman, Land of Benevolent People, was Short but Useful
In the Eid al-Adha day, me and my family were guests of our friends and relatives in Bam City and participated in the "Dates Festival". I was guest of the esteemed Governor General of Kerman province on Tuesday. Participation in the workgroup of facilitation and removing hindrances against the production and in the provincial Resistive Economy Head quarter's meeting were among my formal programs of going to Kerman Province.
What was very considerable and eye-catching for me in this trip was unity and solidarity among the mangers who were seeking for development of their own province.
Mr. Razm-Husseini full time is in service of the Kerman Province and people and follows his own responsibilities feverishly and he has reached some deserved achievements.
Before leaving the city for the airport, we went to the house of Mr. Jalalpour, former head of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Iran, to visit him.
We visited an energetic and concerned man on the country's economy who acknowledged us very warmly. He was unhappy about behavior of some banks on calculating the interest rate of loans, even when their recognized and good dealer customers are involved, and asked the CBI to pay attention and punish the violations.
Of course he asserted that all banks do not work in this way and some considerable reforms have been applied in the banking area in the recent years; I explained him and the others that the CBI inspectors continuously are surveying the banks and their branches and their banking operations and their reports and accounts are analyzed. Several cases have been punished in violations supervision board of CBI. I asked him to name the violent banks for more survey and analysis.
What is worthy to emphasize is that a deep view on the bank problems and paying attention to causes of the contemporary problems seem necessary today.
The compassionate experts know that the background of solving the great problems, like banking system problems, as one of rings of the country's economic sky entails exact and realistic recognition and identification of problems by all agents who are involved, which will help us to solve the problems. Fortunately, this has been considered in the 11th government.
Under light of this vision and viewpoint, the government including the president and vice president, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning and Management Organization as well as CBI has started to cooperate with each other with the aim of removing hindrances and forging ahead.
We should remember that problems are caused easily, but they are removed very hardly.
Valiollah Seif


Reference : Kerman Governor
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