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Kerman Governor  s Tour of Shahdad

Kerman Governor s Tour of Shahdad

Kerman Governor’s Tour of Shahdad
On the occasion of Village National Day, Alireza Razm Husseini, Kerman Governor, in company of his deputies and managers visited Shahdad Area, Kerman County, Kerman Province State Government Public Relations reported. Kerman governor and his entourage’s trip to Shahdad Area was associated with many advantages for people of the region, because reconstruction of the Shahdad abandoned airport was started, several rural projects, supported by Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, were launched and several other projects were opened.
Shahdad, Land of Wonder
 Shahdad Area, near the Kerman City, enjoys many attractions including Kaluts, natural vases, unique nature, monuments, eye-catching handicrafts, date orchards, gardens, high-quality crops, etc.
Shahdad Area also enjoys a unique climate, because autumn has not reached Shahdad yet and there is still spring and summer in this ancient land, as people need to turn on their coolers during noon in order to alleviate the warm days of this land.
Establishment of 101 ecological units in Kerman Province
Attended by Kerman governor and deputy of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, An official ceremony was held in the ecological house of Ziaratgah Village where a connection with Es’hagh Jahangiri, the vice president, by video conference was made and he inaugurated several projects in seven provinces simultaneously. 
In this ceremony, Kerman Province described formation of small and medium businesses in villages as good measures of the 11th government, which are executed with cooperation of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund and said that the credit of the fund has increased as much as 78 percent in Kerman Province, in contrast to the former governments. Pointing to 1020 billion rials facilities paid by Omid Entrepreneurship Fund of Kerman Province, Razm Husseini said, “101 ecological units have been launched in Kerman Province, out which 800 direct and indirect jobs have been generated.”
He also pointed to location of Shahdad Area in the Resistive Economy zone of Kerman Province and said, “Shahdad enjoys a good capacity to realize resistive economy objectives.”
Strengthening Shahdad Economy with the help of people
Kerman governor and his entourage went to Shahdad City’s Mahdia to say their prayers, where Alireza Razm Husseini addressed the worshipers and said, “Shahdad became globalized through registering Kavir Lut in UNESCO and it is expected that it attracts more foreign tourists to the region. He also said that the resistive economy seeks for strengthening the rural households’ economy in the development and progress decade. 
Elsewhere in his remarks, Kerman Governor said that if the clerics pay more attention to economy, people will follow them in the economic culture. “In Shahdad, we are trying to improve the region’s economy and people will be trained accordingly”, he added.
Friday Prayers Leader of Shahdad: Kerman governor made the most radical groups friend
Hoj. Allahverdi, Prayers Leader of Shahdad, said that measurements made by Razm Husseini are creative and he succeeded to offer various plans including economic development triangle and sympathy charter of elections.
“Compiling sympathy charter of elections, Kerman governor succeeded to make friend the most radical groups of the province”, Allahverdi said. “Razm Husseini told his remarks in the framework of the economic triangle and insisted to follow it, as other provinces came to this conclusion that they need to follow they way Kerman Province passed.”
Kerman Governor also visited the ancient plaza of the city and emphasized reconstruction and repair of this beautiful historical monument. He also opened the dual pool of agriculture and fishery in Sirch Village, Shahdad Area and this tour was ended though holding a conclusion session in the Sirch Village.


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