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Kerman Governor  s One-Day Tour of Bam City

Kerman Governor s One-Day Tour of Bam City

Kerman Governor s One-Day Tour of Bam City

Kerman Governor's One-Day Tour of Bam City
Kerman Governor, who has planted the seed of benevolence in the warm heart of Bam City, went to Bam city once more on Oct. 29, 2016 to pick the fruits of science from this huge tree of benevolence and to sweeten mouth of Bami children through opening Shahid Naser Fouladi School with his personal costs.
Initially in his trip to Bam City, Alireza Razm Husseini paid a visit to family of Bigham martyrs, then he went to Shahid Fouladi school, where he commemorated this great warrior of Islam army and presented this gift to Bami children, where they learn more about science and culture and take giant strides for development of the society.
He also participated in a 5-hour meeting of the Resistive Headquarters (the second phase of economic development triangle of Bam, Rigan, Fahraj and Normshir counties). In this session he reproached two managers who did not participate in the meeting, despite a former invitation and also solved some provincial and national problems of the projects through making phone calls with the relevant authorities.
In this session, Friday Prayers Leader of Bam County described the Kerman Governor as the actual example of true practice toward realization of resistive economy goals and also described him as a proper model for this issue.
Friday Prayers Leader of Normashir who was the first Friday Prayers Leader who participated in the economic development triangle appreciated the measures of the Kerman Governor and emphasized more supports of projects and asked for more incentives to attract more investors.
Friday Prayers Leader of Rigan said, "We should try to take advantage of all available capacities to realize goals of resistive economy."
Friday Prayers Leader of Fahraj emphasized optimal use of water resources in the eastern counties.
In his return from Bam City, Mr. Razm Husseini visited road mosques and then paid a visit to families of Martyrs Ali, Hussein and Akbar Barzegar in their rural house and issued some orders about supplying solar electricity, providing medical facilities, medical and self-employment loans for this rural house.


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