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First Vice President  s Two-Day Tour of Kerman Province

First Vice President s Two-Day Tour of Kerman Province

First Vice President s Two-Day Tour of Kerman Province

First Vice President’s Two-Day Tour of Kerman Province
During his two-day tour of Kerman Province, Eshaq Jahangiri, the first vice president of Islamic Republic of Iran, inaugurated several grand projects in various counties of the province and he also visited several resistive economy’s projects in the Ghaleh Ganj Country, the exemplary county of resistive economy project.
** Inauguration of Sirjan’s Projects by the First Vice President
At the beginning of his two-day tour of Kerman province, Jahangiri along with an entourage of ministers and other Iranian high-ranking officials entered Sirjan County in order to inaugurate several grand economic and civil projects on Monday noon of Nov.14, 2016.
 On their arrival, they were welcomed by the Kerman Province and a group of the provincial officials. Ministers of Jihad of Agriculture, Energy, Mines and Industries, Youth Affairs and Sports, Head of Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, head of Plan and Budget Organization and some deputies of ministers were in Jahangiri’s company.
Pelletizing factory II of Sirjan’s Gole-Gohar Mineral and Industrial Complex and Sirjan’s Gole- Gohar Sports Complex was opened by the first vice president and Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in Sirjan County.
** The First Vice President Appreciates Innovative Activities of Razm Husseini
In another part of their two-day tour of Kerman Province, Jahangiri and his entourage entered Jiroft County on Monday night of Nov.14, 2016. Visiting different groups of people, participating in development meeting of Jiroft and Anbarabad counties and taking a part in the Resistive Economy session of Kerman Province were among plans of the first vice president in Jiroft City.
 In the Resistive Economy session of Kerman Province, which was held in the Telnaji Neighborhood of Jiroft City, Jahangiri said that Razm Husseini, Kerman’s Governor General, is one of the best governors of our government and he is a creative and motivated manager who is always supported by us.
**Visiting Projects of Ghaleh Ganj County
 In another part of his tour of Kerman, Mr. Jahangiri paid a visit to Ghaleh Ganj County in order to visit the projects of resistive economy there including juicer factory, carpet weaving workshops, goat breading field, rural youth empowerment project in Doolab Village and shed hotel of Ghaleh Ganj. Exploiting water supply projects in various villages of Ghaleh Ganj at the same time with the water supply projects of Lorestan and Yazd Provinces were among other plans of Mr. Jahangiri in Ghaleh Ganj County.
**Opening Titanium Factory and Exploiting Kahnooj Combined Cycle Power Plant
Jahangiri, as the commander of Resistive Economy Project, went to Kahnooj County, as his final destination through this two-day tour, and inaugurated titanium concentrate processing factory and titanium slag factory in Kahnooj, he also opened the first semi-industrial research unit of producing titanium pigments in Kahnooj and Shoobad’s Combined Cycle Power Plant with capacity of 484 MW.
Finally, Jahangiri and his entourage’s tour of Kerman Province was ended on Thursday, Nov.15, 2016.

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